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Calm Dog

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Calm Dog is an original blend created by the founder of The Barking Billboard, Alex Skeffington. 

Being raised as a new age child, Alex has been blending only the highest quality (and ethically sourced) essential oils for holistic purposes for just under 30 years. 

As EO’s started to become more modern and available, she thought she be able to save some time to save some more dogs, but unfortunately she noticed that the aromatherapy for pets products available are almost all toxic.

Using her decades of practice and research, along with helping save animals around the globe, she has created an aromatherapy for pet line under The Barking Billboard name.

Calm Dog is one of the first 2 blends that are 100% dog safe! Also available as a diffuser oil.


How to use:

1. Shake bottle

2. Spray 3-8 times onto fabrics, linens, unworn dog collar, the car before entering. Please avoid eye contact. 

Please store TBB black UV glass bottle in room temperature, away from sunlight. 

Bottle Size: 50mL

Ingredients: Handcrafted natural botanics of ylang ylang, clary sage, petitgrain, vegetable glycerin and black tourmaline gemstone elixir.