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The Barking Billboard has some majorrrr opportunities coming up, especially over the next few months! Having a solidified team working in a collaborative manner would make the world of difference for our rescue initiatives. 

We would absolutely LOVE to add you to the team’s roster as we can always use the extra help! 

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& how we do it!


Raising awareness for rescues and homeless animals has been the mission for The Barking Billboard since day one.


All of the funds TBB raises help rescue animals in need of basic necessities, transportation, vetting and outreach programs such as spay/neuter for over populated communities.


We collaborate with our rescue partners in numerous ways. Either it being to showcase where the cats/dogs come from, to offer a potential pet owner local adoptables, or to fundraise and host spay/neuter clinics with our partners in over populated areas.

Help pet parents

We help future pet parents by offering an extensive list of recommend rescues, and our adoption referral program.

We help current pet parents by providing nutrition and training programs. 


We pride ourselves on our foster and adoption programs which are thorough and in-depth.  Our program provides our fosters and adopters all information needed and more to ensure our cats and dogs are set up for the optimal success while having them in your care. 


You will often find TBB members collecting life saving supplies to provide on the donators behalf for overpopulated ares of stray roaming dogs. When we are able to, we fund/host specialized clinics such as spay/neuter and vaccines for in-need communities through our partnership with AirBnB!


We have partnered with The Dogget Style Training and Petcademy to offer Foster, Adopter and existing pet parents for specialized training programs catered towards specific training needs. 


We offer nutrition counselling for all pet parents.

All TBBR foster cats/dogs are on a customized meal plan created to fit their specific lifestyle and nutrition needs.


Supporting small and local businesses is incredibly important for TBBR. We strive to help our local/small rescue partners as much as possible in order to help them achieve their dreams as they do for us by helping provide our rescue animals the basic necessities needed in order for them to have a second chance at life!