ABOUT The Barking Billboard

MISSION: Helping reputable rescues, advocates and future adopters around the globe help save the lives of animals in need.


My name is Alex Skeffington and I am a crazy animal rescue advocate lady. Over COVID, I wasn't able to help the way I was able to do so before, that is when I discovered the best way I am able to help. Promote, fundraise and educate for ALL of the reputable rescues within my network. Coming from the world of luxury fashion (I know my dog photos don't show it haha), That is when I discovered I needed to marry both worlds...Essentially, The Barking Billboard's name came from me wanting to just wear ALL of my clothing with statements that actually make a difference... because it breaks my heart seeing at least a 70% increase of purchased pups because of people not knowing where to go. 


I have tried to make it as EASY as possible for people to find their forever furry friend by representing as many animals and rescues I trust. Why? I understand that some people have their dream dog or cat in mind and if that potential parent doesn’t know where to go, it’s just way too easy for a dog to be purchased online when there is definitely an amazing fit of an animal already out there waiting to have A second chance of life. The goal is to use my network of reputable rescues to build trust in rescue, and to decrease the demand of backyard bred animals. By representing all of the amazing rescues instead of just one, the chance of having an adoption instead of a transaction increases.  


Striving to increase awareness and educate future pet parents and animal lovers about the severity of why adopting is so important versus shopping. 


The biggest challenge reputable rescues face is the lack of money. Vet bills, basic necessities, transportation costs, even training at times to ensure the animal is ready to go to their forever home without a return. TBB supports and produces fundraising initiatives that help aid all of the reputable rescues seen within “THE MASTER LIST”. Please donate today and purchase for a purpose by clicking here.